The “Slingshot” Maneuver

tacticsHello again War Masters,

This assault maneuver has been explained a lot by many other wargaming sites but if you have missed all those or are new to the game…

Let’s talk about the “Slingshot” maneuver:

Basically one Independent Character gives boost to a unit that would otherwise not be able to get into Assault.

A squad of Assault Marines and a Captain with Jump Pack are close to a big squad of Termagants. The Captain alone will only be bogged down by the Termagants. How do we handle the situation:

1: The Assault Marines Move forward 12″.

2: They are 10″ away from the Termagants. No way are they going to make that roll in the Assault Phase. Without any re-rolls even as they have used their jump packs in the Movement Phase.

3: The Captain with Jump Pack goes in front of the marines and joins the unit giving them additional 3″.

4: Now at 7″ away the Assault is more than doable.
Or the other way around:
A Tyranid Prime and some Termagants are close to a unit of Tactical Marines. The Termagants are no match for the super humans of the imperium. The Tyranid Prime however could make mincemeat out of the Marines with his Boneswords:

1: Tyranid Prime moves 6″ to get into position.

2: Almost 11″ away. A Tyranid Prime can hardly make that charge.

3: Position the Termagants so that they are close to the prime (joining the two units) and close to the Tactical Marines.

4: Even a good Overwatch will hardly save those Marines.

What do you guys think? Will you use this maneuver? Have you tried it before?

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One comment on “The “Slingshot” Maneuver

  1. […] a Company Master. Having a zealot with a Powerfist is quite handy in the melee. Actually used the slingshot maneuver twice to put Uriel in close combat in this tournament. Won me one of the […]


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