Update – Summer starter boxes formations

listbuilderupdateTau: Ethereal Honour Guard
Space Marines: Firespear Strike Force
Skitarii: Dominus Maniple
Tyranids: Hive Vanguard
Necrons: Retribution Phalanx
Chaos Space Marines: Wrathborn
Dark Eldar: Purge Coterie
Craftworld Eldar: Runeweaver Host

Does anybody play these? Have you tried putting one of these formations inside a bigger list and not just for when you start collecting?



5 comments on “Update – Summer starter boxes formations

  1. As tyranid player I may declare that it is pretty interesting, but usseless formation. We may teleport our gargoyle broode, wich is cool. But thay are still gargoyles – jumppack gaunts. You may plce them in front of your opponents unit, but that unit may just ignore tham or destroy them quikly. Or it is possible to run away from close combat and shoot your enemy. But still it is formation where you have special rules only for shitty uniit (I not include sinaptic increasement),


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