Added – Gathering Storm I – Fall of Cadia

listbuilderupdateDid not add the Relics (Arcana Mechanicum and Ecclesiarchy Relics) this is an explosion of options. If someone wants to use some relic from ‘Gathering Storm I’ please send me a message at with information about which relic you want to add and to which model. I usually add simple requests quite fast.

Imperial Agents: Saint Celestine and Inquisitor Greyfax
Cult Mechanicus: Belisarius Cawl, Saint Celestine, Inquisitor Greyfax and Conclave Acquisitorius
Armies of the Imperium: Belisarius Cawl, Triumvirate of the Imperium, Wrathful Crusade, Grand Convocation Detachment, Castellans of the Imperium Detachment


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