Added – Canoptek Acanthrites, Chaos Space Marines characters

listbuilderupdateNecrons: Added Forge World Canoptek Acanthrites
Chaos Space Marines: Added Zhufor The Impaler, Necrosius, Arkos the Faithless, Vrosh Tattersoul, Be’lakor

Thanks to Yann Bartholin who created the entries for the Chaos Space Marines himself.


2 comments on “Added – Canoptek Acanthrites, Chaos Space Marines characters

  1. nick012000 says:

    So, bug report? The Order Xenos Inquisitor has the “Scythian Venom Talon” listed twice in his weapon options tab, and lacks the “Conversion Beamer” option.

    Also, any chance that we’ll see the Ordinatus Minoris Macro-Engines added to the Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus as Lords of War choices? According to the Forge World website, that’s allowed, even if there’s no Skitarii detachments you can legally take them in yet (no HQs to let you take CAD, and none of their faction-specific detachments have Lords of War slots).


    • Hi Nick. The Ordo Xenos Inquisitor problem is fixed. Thanks for the find.

      I do not posses the rules for the Ordinatus Minoris Macro-Engines. I do not follow Forge World. All the FW entries I’ve added to the List Builder are done so because some one specifically asked for each one. I add one or two requests from time to time.

      Please direct requests and bugs to


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