Tips – Changing List Name, Unit Name, Model Name, Print

listbuilderupdateSince I am trying to keep the design of the List Builder as clean from clutter as possible, there are some things you can do with it that are a bit… hidden.

For example, did you know that you can change the name of your List, Units and Models?

List title: Clicking on the title of the List shows an input box. You can write whatever you like in there and it will not change when you select another army book. It will reverse the change if you delete what you’ve written in the input box.


Changing the List Title



Unit name: Similar to the List title, you can change the names of your units inside the unit edit dialog. Just click on the name.


Changing unit names


Model name: Just click on the model name inside the edit unit dialog and it will show changed in the models list of the unit.


Changing model names


Print: You can see how the changes above are represented in the list (below).
Another hidden option is the “Download List Image” button that creates an image file which you can save on your system. It isn’t as pretty and clear as the Print option of the browser but it’s faster. Just hover over the list’s name and the link will become visible.


Print your roster FASTER

Happy Wargaming,


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