Are you experiencing THIS bug?

listbuilderupdateA user of the List Builder is saying that from time to time the List Builder freezes and the only way to resume work is to start over. I cannot reproduce this problem. Does any one else have this issue? It’s potentially a very big deal but I simply cannot find it so I am wondering if it’s only a problem with that specific user’s browser or something like that.

If any one else experiences this same issue, please write to me at or in a comment here and please add in what is the last thing you did before the list builder froze (if you remember).


8 comments on “Are you experiencing THIS bug?

  1. Dard says:

    idk if its the same bug, But I get an issue where when I exit editing sometimes the greyed out overlay persists so I can’t edit anything and have to restart, I belive it has something to do with multiple inputs before the first has finished resolving, but I can’t give you the exact reproduction steps.


    • Dard says:

      Also i just found a reproducible bug that is the inverse of the one I reported, if you repetitively open and close a unit (the best way to do this I’v found is to spam click on the far right of the units frame so it opens then closes) it stops allowing you to open edit windows.


    • It seems to be the same bug, yes. I devised a hack to handle it, though I cannot reproduce it. One guy said the fix works. If you see the overlay freeze and then unfreeze after about 3 seconds – that’s the fix šŸ˜‰


  2. Greg Sams says:

    Hi there! First of all, love the website šŸ™‚

    I have noticed a seperate bug (I have experienced the freezing once before as well) – for Dark Eldar, I can’t see Wyches on their troops section (or anywhere!)


  3. bong warrior says:

    I cannot edit units. My browser is Waterfox if that helps.


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