My Wishes for 8th Edition

tacticsWhat are your dreams for the eighth edition?

I have two big dream and three smaller ones.

My greatest dream is of course what they promise – to simplify the rules with less “IF – ELSE – IF – ELSE” situations. I do not want to look at the rules book during a game to check how a given situation is handled when I’ve read the rules more than three times. It spoils the pleasure of the game.

Another big dream for me is to be easy and simple to find rules. Whether it will be with an APP, which has organized everything for a fraction and/or scrolls … I deal closely with describing formations, detachments and units and it’s hard to track everything. Really hard.
It seems to be close to impossible for new players or those who do not write software for this. It should not be so difficult. And that does not even factor in Forge World … For their stuff (without having bought them) finding the rules is almost impossible (except for the few for which they have rules on their site). I get that they want to sell books, but what if I am considering buying something and want to see the rules first?

Smaller dreams:

The AP rule bugs me a lot in 40K. Most of the time it does not matter that you have a gun with AP. I think it should be replaced with Rend like AoS. A Heavy Bolter should not be ignored by marines. Currently people fear Plasma, Grav… List building either focuses on good AP weapons or NO AP weapons.

Improved cover system. If cover provided improved armor (+ 1, + 2, + 3 for example) with the previous improvement (Rend), that would make even Marines need cover and not only when there are plasma weapons on the ground. Currently good cover is a god send for those with lower armour value and not that big of a deal for those with good armour. This is not how real life works.

I really want the Close Combat system to be improved. At present, it almost does not matter where you go in Close Combat from or how you are positioned (as long as you make it), because in most cases if you get into combat every body will hit.
How about if instead of the current 2″ from your models that are in base-to-base with the opponents’ it becomes everything 2″ away from an opponent’s model? Maybe the consolidation move should also be reduced or it should happen at the end of the combat turn?
This will of course mean that assaulting will be easier (2″ from an opponent) but with reduced force (as only the closest models can fight).
Additionally, this will help to some extent, not to push our models close together as if they are lovers… Most of my tyranids for example have a hard time hugging the opponent (because of claws and sorts).
I want close combat positioning to matter. And currently it rarely does.

What do you think? What are your “desires” for the next big edition?


One comment on “My Wishes for 8th Edition

  1. josav09 says:

    I would really like rules for destructible cover. I really think a missile launcher should destroy a tree or small barricade. It would hopefully make the map more dynamic with collapsing buildings or drive away units from cover. Also, better rules for different levels of terrain (as in second or third floors) in agreement with the CC improvements.

    I also believe that AP should be improved, maybe not as radically since power armor being semi-indestructible is, imo, in nature with the game lore. But maybe adjust some weapons and armor values to balance it better.

    And finally, there are big differences between the quality of the codices respecting number of units and characters that should be fixed, although I can’t imagine how hard that would be.


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