40 000 Lists Built


Well… this was unexpected. I never thought…

Today (16.02.2016) marks the 30 days in which we’ve had 40,086 sessions on the List Builder site. (1762 yesterday) Those are not page views but individual sessions. This probably means 40,086 lists were created in the last 30 days… That’s A LOT. The page views are around 52,631. This says: Games Workshop should really be the one providing this service. Not us.

I decided to write this post because 40 000 is such a good number for a List Builder like this one (for a wargame like this one). Also I am amazed of the success it has had.

We are at the top of Google searches like:

Warhammer 40k List Builder
Warhammer 40k Builder
Warhammer 40k List
Warhammer 40k army builder
Warhammer list builder
Warhammer army builder

…which is more than interesting. I have no idea how that happened. You guys probably shared the builder a lot.

I wonder if the free hosting we are currently using will hold out if even more people start using it. I haven’t experienced any big delays even when traffic was high (105 people an hour – that’s almost two people a minute ;))  and I use this List Builder a lot. We will have to see.

I’ve added a Google Analytics so I can check how many people are using our site. This is what October 2015 to February 2017 looks like:


October 2015 – February 2017 sessions

The first peak was when BoLS mentioned our site. It was so weird. I looked at the analytics expecting to see 20-30 hits. Instead I saw 1800… for one day. The first thought was “Some hacker is doing a DOS attack. That generates a lot of hits on web pages”. Then emails started coming in from people who liked the site. That was surreal. At that time the site was… not as good as it currently is 😉 I love it when you guys say you like what we did.

And this is a view of how many people use us across the world (since 2016):


We’ve got only Africa to conquer 😉 This is probably a good reflection of where people play 40K… 3 people in Zimbabwe? Who would have thought? The Supreme Leader of North Korea isn’t using our site though… Sad.

And this is the spread by number for that period (top 20 countries).


When a friend and me decided to create the List Builder we just wanted to learn some new web technologies and this was something useful that was not going to be just exercise. Some one would use it at least. Even if it’s just me (the friend does not play 40K). I wanted a visual List Builder for this visual game. Not just a table/grid of unit stats like the other builders.

Now, three years later this is something we are proud of. I’ve given so much to the site and I continue supporting it as you may have noticed. Though I do hope that GW would do a list builder of their own. I love this one, but it’s a lot of work supporting it. I get a few emails each day of people who’ve found bugs, missing or wrong data, or they just want their favorite unit from Forge World added. And I cannot fulfill every request. Not to mention that GW are constantly adding new things. It’s not easy and I am doing it for free.
They should either create a list builder or license ours. So we can get a bit of money as currently it’s not really possible. We’re still waiting for that Cease and Desist mail/order. Fingers crossed for that not to happen.

Games Workshop, if some one of you reads this for some reason (other people, please share the post so GW can see it) the game really needs such a list builder. The fans need it. And one person supporting it on his free time without pay is not going to cut it. You guys should really create a site like this one (or use and upgrade this one). Because the new guys need it AND the die hard fans need it. Every body needs it.

This site feels like a child to me. And that child turned 3 showing the community it is very useful. We’ll see what happens in the future. Will 8th Edition change it? Wow… It will be A LOT of work if they replace the codices, changing the stats and so on. But it will be for the better I believe.

Happy Wargaming,


2 comments on “40 000 Lists Built

  1. wheel its bekos its a easy to use army builder. some wrongs in some areas but i maybe some days i will see army list 1 at a time and see whats wrong in options/cost and other stuff. or see what can be added from forge word. sow keep the good work up ^^


  2. netlich says:

    Well done but well deserved!


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