Gathering Storm II – Fracture of Biel Tan

tacticsJust finished reading the latest story push (summary as my book hasn’t arrived yet): Gathering Storm II – Fracture of Biel Tan. It reads like an awesome book but story wise it is not as big of a push as the previous Gathering Storm.


The new Triumvirate

Quick summary of the story (SPOILERS):

  • In Death Masque Eldrad manages to revive (though not at full strength because of Death Watch) the God of Death Ynnead.
  • An Eldar female (Yvraine – from the Craftworld Aspect Shrines and Commorragh fighting pits) is revived by the new God and starts rallying Aeldari of all kind to the new faction (Ynnari).
  • The Visarch is a warrior that helps her.
  • The Avatar of Ynnead (the Yncarne) comes to life on Biel Tan and fractures… Biel Tan.
  • The new Ynnari meet the survivors of Cadia, saving them in the process and striking a parley.
  • Now it’s off to Macragge. Who wants to bet they will be reviving Guilliman?

A very cool trailer. Games Workshop started doing quite nice trailers. Remember when they were just some pictures with some text and … *gasp*… lightning?

And this is how they announced that Guilliman will be in the third triumvirate. The video team makes funny videos. Good job on that.

If you take a closer look you will see that Cypher is there too and some Grey Knights hero. Cypher was good all along? People that have read the Horus Heresy books say they knew that. We will have to see how the Dark Angels react to that.

Is Guilliman going to replace the Emperor or just lead the Empire?

Final trailer for next week’s pre-release. Looks like the story will go forward then too. Though I thought the Eldar parley would hold longer. Like the AoS factions. Maybe this will not be the case.

Happy Wargaming,


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