My First Ynnari and Harlequin Game

tacticsI just played a 1000 pts game Ynnari Harlequins vs Dark Eldar. I have to begin with: Strength from Death is an awesome rule, though it is a bit unclear at times. We didn’t know how to resolve some of the situations.

It is not that easy to pull off since you have to be 7″ from the dying thing to get Soulburst. I had a bit of luck rolling 6 on the Warlord table so my Warlord unit got Soulburst on 14″. But otherwise you have to stay very close to your units and close to your opponent’s units. Most Ynnari lists will probably be played very close to each other.

These were our lists, though the DE one is recreated from memory:

I have to (or at least really want to) mention that my list has a bit of a back story centered around my own Craftworld’s Farseer – Inwe Calaelen. The Harlequin units are named accordingly. Craftworld Elemmir is not sure they will follow Yvrain but in Defiance, Inwe decides to go with a Shadowseer that introduced himself as Inwe’s Gift and a few of the Death Masque Harlequins which are following the Shadowseer taking with her the Wraithlord – Spear of Khaine.

I won the game but it was not a land slide as I expected and most of the time my opponent was simply not prepared for Strength From Death. This is a rule that makes you both think very carefully what you will do next. The game felt pretty even most of the time but I lucked out at the end so it was time to shake hands.

Here are some pictures:

I gave the Revenant Discipline to my Farseer and Phantasmancy Discipline to my Shadowseer. I am not sure if I could play it right because it was my first time but it seemed that the Phantasmancy was always far better than the Revenant. I tried to use the Revenant Discipline as much as possible to see what it can do but wasn’t impressed. I killed a single Reaver Jetbike with Gaze of Ynnead. That was powerful. But it’s 3 Warp Charges and you can still miss and/or not wound.

I charged one unit. Killed it and then charged another immediately. So now… could I have struck? Should I have been able to charge at all? What happens first – consolidation or Soulburst? I thought at first that I couldn’t strike so we waited for the next turn to resolve the combat. The units were just locked in combat. But reading the rules again it seems this is not the case… probably. It needs clarification.

Setting up the units so you would get the proper Soulburst is fun AND tricky. I even sacrificed a Wraithlord, knowing that when my opponent kills him I would be able to assault a Venom of his. I used moving from Soulburst more than I imagined I would. I thought I would prefer Assault or Charge but in the critical moments Movement was better.

These were my first impressions. Tell my what you guys and gals think.

Happy Wargaming,



One comment on “My First Ynnari and Harlequin Game

  1. Ynnari army style is meant be close to combat that eldar don’t use alot of.. the 7 range when destroyed is when last model is re mowed sow ned to try have 1-2 models close other units. combat 1 i ned to read mor and see how i understand it before i can try explain


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