New Tournament Rules thought

tacticsI was listening to Caledonian Deathwatch Radio podcast and thought of this:

A tournament mission that – as in Eternal War each objective gives points but as in Maelstrom it gives it each turn.

  • 2 objectives in your deployment zone: 1pt each
  • 1 o 2 objectives on the center line: 2pt each
  • 2 objectives in your opponent’s deployment zone: 3pt each
  • ??? 1pt for each killed unit difference at the end of game ???

This breaks the Eternal War problem where it pays to be static throughout the game (if that helps you kill more stuff and not have yours killed) but at the same time helps with the Maelstrom problem where drawing better objectives could decides a game.

AND it’s very easy to learn and understand. Downside is you can have up to 36pts in a game in which you school your opponent.

What do you guys think?


2 comments on “New Tournament Rules thought

  1. josav09 says:

    Maybe the center objective should be more points, make it a place of conflict and add line breaker as a bonus for taking at least one of the opponent’s objectives.
    I like that set objectives and kill points make it more tactical and I would keep factional objectives to reward you for playing the faction as intended.

    Also, 36pts?


    • 1+1+2+2+3+3 = 12 possible each turn but hardly possible to get more than half each turn and you will probably get half each turn (more on initial turns and fewer further along) only when you’re dominating. So about 36 in a game you destroy your opponent. 84 total possible in a 7 turn game.


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