[pics] Yvraine

modelsJust finished painting Yvraine. I am very happy with how she turned out. Didn’t change the Games Workshop scheme at all (maybe somewhat with the Gyrinx but just because I didn’t have the right colors) because I love the original one and it suits my army perfectly (red armour).

I will probably do the same with The Visarch as that paint scheme is awesome too.



2 comments on “[pics] Yvraine

  1. Rick says:

    Looks Great! I am having a nightmare painting my Yvraine currently. What did you use for the whites? did you prime the mini black to start or white? did you do sub assemblies at all?


    • No white for the dress. It’s light blue. I have learned it is bad to use white except for highliting and priming.

      White prime. Makes the colors feel more vibrant though you have to be careful to completely paint the base color and use plenty of washes. Otherwise white in the crevices can ruin your paint job. Especially if you find that white crevice at the end of the painting.

      Painted the Gyrinx and Yvraine before putting them on the base. Then just touched up and did some highliting afterwards.


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