8th Edition and the Future


Well guys and galls we’re finally getting there. It will probably release for Pre-order on the 3rd of June and I just can’t wait.

I don’t even want to play 7th edition any more. So hyped!!!


This is the new Warhammer 40 000 website https://warhammer40000.com/

And here is most of the news you should really check out: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2017/04/40k-live-faq-round-up.html


On the List Builder side:

GW say they are doing one on their own (I really hope it has pictures). This is great news for me as I will stop having to support the list builder. Well it kind of depends on whether they do a good job but I really hope they do and… this is the This is The New Games Workshop™ ;).

I will try to do some of the armies for the List Builder as the new one will not come out with the edition and we might wait quite some time for it but as the data is A LOT, rebuilding will not be fast at all.

Eldar, HarlequinsTyranids and Dark Angels will be the first to be redone for the new edition because those are the armies I play. At least I will not have to do all the images again.

If you want your codex to be done first before the others write mails and the codices that have the most emails in my mailbox will have priority.

I will NOT add any more Forge World units for 7th edition. I will only fix bugs and the list builder will probably not be available a week or two after the new edition comes out. If there are a lot of people who want it to be available (and I mean a lot – email me). I will think about what can be done. If there aren’t that many I can give you guys and galls the source code and data (as I mentioned – email me).

This blog will stand even if the List Builder goes down. I will write a few articles for tactics and the new edition. If people like them I will continue doing so. Otherwise it will just be a showcase for my models 🙂

That’s it from me. If you want to contact me you know how.

Happy Wargaming,


3 comments on “8th Edition and the Future

  1. jjj says:

    Please leave 7th edition list builder in current state some where on the internet. This is a lot of work and people in the future will want to play 7th still.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hive says:

    Oh thank the emperor, the biggest fear in my Group was that this fantastic Website would be shut down / totally updated to 8th therefore not be useable for us who want to Play 7th.
    This is by far the best army planer i have always seen for 40k and let me tell you, your work is getting appreciated. 🙂


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