List Builder transition to Newhammer

listBuilderUpdateSo… it has begun. 😀 The first units (Thousand Sons and Sniper Drones) have been added to the List Builder and the list builder has been transformed to handle 8th Edition. Newhammer 8th Edition List Builder.

The current (seventh edition) version can be found at: Seventh Edition Warhammer 40K List Builder. I will still support it if there are big bugs or data problems but no new units will be added any more.

I can’t wait for the edition to come out. The rules sound awesome. It sounds as though I will neither need 3 different books to play my armies nor will I check the rule book every single game for the countless IF-ELSE structures that you just can’t remember (even though I’ve read the book cover to cover more than three times and have played it a lot). As a programmer I can tell you – a great number of IF-ELSE structures is bad design.

As I have promised I will support the new version and will do my best to redo most or all of the entries as soon as they come out but this is a lot of data. It will not be fast.

I’ve created a Patreon for the web content I’m creating: Reepy’s Patreon page
Don’t know if that’s even legal but I’ve been doing a lot of work for this list builder. GW have not contacted me to stop doing it. If they do I will shut it down.

Happy Wargaming,


5 comments on “List Builder transition to Newhammer

  1. Jordan says:

    The 7th edition list builder does not work and only has the background image for me, and my friend,


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