The Hive Mind is Upon Us [Tyranids added]

listBuilderUpdateSooo… this is the first codex added to the list builder for 8th edition. It probably has a lot of mistakes as… I am only human. If you find any please tell me.

A big THANKS to Sandy Nicholson who helped me with the Tyranids wargear lists (and Orks, and Genestealer Cult but those are not ready yet).

I’ve added also a few Chaos Space Marines things but not many.

Some Space Marines are in line but… that is a big pile of data slates so – bit by bit.

Most probably the next index will be Craftworld Eldar as they are closest to my own heart.

Hope you guys like what I’ve done and…

Happy Wargaming,


12 comments on “The Hive Mind is Upon Us [Tyranids added]

  1. josav09 says:

    wow, thanks!

    After opening the edit for the Hive Tyrant with wings, all edit buttons go to him, even when removed from the list.


  2. Gimme eldar! Gimme orks! Gimme gimme gimme! (Just kidding, keep up the good work :D)


  3. Smite says:

    Slight issue, in Power Level, the Carnifex appears as 18 no matter how few are in the unit.


  4. Thank you. This is a great tool. Feedback on the Nids – Hive Guard and Carnifexen come in at max Power Points irrespective of model count.


  5. cliff says:

    is there anyway we can help u update the lists, i have all the necron info and would love to add the info to the list builder. lemme know if its possible

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  6. Ryan Elam says:

    Excellent job! If I can help with Orks, feel free to let me know.


  7. Phil Bolam says:

    This tool is brilliant. Bit picky though, but termagant fleshborer is s[pelt wrong, just to add to your computer woes


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