[video] Apcalypse Zone Plovdiv

articleOne of the Bulgarian players shot parts of a big Apocalypse game in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I find the clip very exciting. There are even some Necrons I painted a while ago and sold to a friend.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did:


4 comments on “[video] Apcalypse Zone Plovdiv

  1. kiro stefanof says:

    a friend of mine is having a BD soon and we are both fans of wh40k but of books and vgames i want to get him a miniatures of a character as a keep sake but i cant find any where they sell pained ones or if i buy a unpainted one paint it can you point me where i might look for such


    • Where are you from? It depends on the country. In the US and UK there are a lot of painting companies. Here in Bulgaria – not so many but there are people who paint on commission.


      • kiro stefanof says:

        yes im from Bulgaria i know i can order from ebay ar amazon but than didn’t work so well last time so i want lo look for some one local first.


      • Find Vasil Georgiev in FB. He’s the owner of “Level Up Sofia” game club. He may find you someone to paint your miniature.


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