The Craftworlds have risen [Craftworld Eldar added]

Took a vacation day today and… it’s done. The list builder is full of Craftworld Aeldari ;). It probably has a lot of mistakes as usual. If you find any please tell me.

Special thanks to Yanko Spasov who helped me with the Wargear lists for Craftworlds (and Drukhari, and Harlequins, and Necrons but those are not ready yet).

I’ve added also created a one click Faction Selection for before you start building your lists:


I think it looks quite cool.

I will continue adding Space Marines from time to time.

Still haven’t figured out how to organize the bigger Faction selection picture. I am thinking about some kind of initial selection of Faction Keywords and then populating the list with all available with that keyword. We shall see.

Most probably the next indexes will be Harlequins, Drukhari and Necrons. Maybe some Imperial Knights as they are not hard to do.

Hope you guys like what I’ve done and…

Happy Wargaming,


16 comments on “The Craftworlds have risen [Craftworld Eldar added]

  1. Flair4live says:

    Wraithguard is 23pts


  2. Sabrina Stark says:



  3. Some points are off. The wraithknight should cost 100 points less (402 without gear), the avatar should cost 250. If i find something else I’ll write again.


  4. Nikolay Naryzhnyy says:

    Just discovered this list builder.
    A great tool and a great effort to support 8th edition.

    One minor typo I found: Eldar Fire Dragons are missing Faction Keyword.

    And also, as a general suggestion, It would be great for detachments in print version to display composition restrictions (e.g. 3-6 troops, etc) the same way as it is shown in list builder. Right now it only displays restrictions and command benefits.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!


    • Thanks for the Fire Dragon find.
      You don’t really need the detachments in the printed version though. They are important throughout list building but not really when you play.


      • Nikolay Naryzhnyy says:

        I see your point.
        But for me and my playgroup that could be useful to easily see if the opponent’s roster is a valid battle-forged army (we are into matched play mostly).
        It’s a minor thing though. Thanks anyway 🙂

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      • I see your point but this builder is not intended for good validation. It actually doesn’t validate any thing. It’s more for a better use and visibility while playing


  5. Nick T says:

    On the striking scorpions, should be “Mandiblasers” not “Mandoblasters”


  6. Nikolay Naryzhnyy says:

    One more typo found:
    Eldar War Walkers:
    – their Ld is 8, not 10.
    – and their keyword should be Vehicle, not Infantry.


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