Bad news…

My computer died…

This would mean it may take a few days before I can update the List Builder…. And I had just finished updating most of the Space Marines index. Couldn’t even commit it.

Getting another PC may mean next update will be Friday-Monday… 😦 At least I will be able to continue painting models.

Well… Happy Wargaming,



4 comments on “Bad news…

  1. Sabrina Stark says:

    Well i finally became a supporter. Yea its only 1$ a month…..but i hope it helps. I’m really surprised you only have 6 supporters when i know so many people that use your site! I hope you can get your computer fixed soon! If you are in the Sacramento area i might be able to help you with getting it fixed!


  2. Eric says:

    Man, sorry to hear that about your computer. Me and my friend who play together love the tool you’ve made, and can’t wait until it’s updated further.


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