Some good news…

Managed to fix my PC… For now. It may decide not to start again but for now it works. I ordered a new one. This was long overdue. Hope it arrives soon.

Space Marines added up to Dreadnoughts.

Happy Wargaming,



PS. It keeps restarting every two minutes. Almost no work can be done 😦


14 comments on “Some good news…

  1. boogles says:

    It looks like Daemon Princes are missing from the Chaos Space Marine list


  2. Flogger says:

    Tyranids are bascially done, and well done!

    One thing I noticed though, is that Tyrant Guards come in 3s here on the website, but in the rules they are 1-3 so please make it possible to remove 2 of them 🙂


    • In their Data Sheet it says they start at 3 and 3 more can be added. In the Points Values page they probably made a mistake. They are power 7 which is much too high for 31 points start.


  3. Jake Madden says:

    Yo, good luck. I’ve been using this for a while and wish I had money to send your way, because it’s been invaluable.

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  4. michael says:

    you have chaplains with BS 2+, theyre actually BS 3+. 🙂


    • michael says:

      also, your power swords should be 12 instead of 4


      • Thanks for the finds. I will fix the Chaplain. The Power Sword is 4pts though.


      • michael says:

        right, my bad, i was looking at force sword, not power sword. derp.

        but i did notice a couple other glitches today when building in the space marine list.
        ~you dont have it setup that both weapons on cataphractii terminators can be replaced with a pair of lightning claws for only 13pts instead of 9pts each. cataphractii terminators have their image link break when you choose lightning claws as well.
        ~Tartaros Terminator cant select any of their ranged weapon options; the drop menu comes up blank and the title above the box is coming up as code instead of a label.
        ~Assault squads, when you choose a flamer or an eviscerator, they dont appear on the model’s wargear listing, and the added points don’t show either. model just appears with a chainsword and that’s it.
        ~Thunderfire cannons, when your building in power level mode, come up as 0 Pwr.
        ~The preview point costs for several units don’t match the initial cost of the units when you add them into a list. attack bikes say 99 instead of 57, scout bikes say 77 instead of 81, land speeders say 80 instead of 90, Land speeder storms say 80 instead of 91, razorbacks say 65 instead of 82

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      • Thank you. Those will be fixed promptly.


  5. jellostairway says:

    Is there anything I could do to help with getting you data? I’ve got a fair amount of stuff already laid out in a spreadsheet with pointcosts if it would be helpful to you, and would be willing to do more of it if needed.


  6. david W says:

    Id love to help ya get the orks finished if you hit me up with how to do it!

    Just tell me how your backend files are formated and ill behappy to help!


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