Basic Space Marines, Blood Angels, Chaos Space Marines…, Fallen

listBuilderUpdateI did a lot of work and had some help too during the last few “no PC” days. But that is finally over.

So, the basic Space Marines are fully added. You can check them out in the Ultramarines Faction selection. The Ultramarines specific units (Calgar, Guilliman, etc.) are not added yet. They will be soon.

Blood Angels are fully added though they do require some touch ups. Jump packs here and there and so on.

Fallen are fully added… two units isn’t tough to do πŸ˜€

Basic Chaos Space Marines are only missing the Fiends and the Defiler. The specific Chaos Space Marines will have to wait a bit.

More than a few bugs were reported and have been fixed. Mainly in the Tyranids section.

I will continue working on the normal Space Marines chapters (Deathwatch and Grey Knights will have to wait a bit). Then I will do the Harlequins, Drukhari, Genestealer cult and go to Necrons, Orks and Tau as I’ve received quite a few mails for those. At the back of the list are the Astra Militarum, Inquisition, Sorroritas, and so on. They seem not to be as popular as the others. Wouldn’t have considered it so for the Imperial Guard.

Happy Wargaming,


11 comments on “Basic Space Marines, Blood Angels, Chaos Space Marines…, Fallen

  1. Dildo Shwaggins says:

    Oh come on! Please make IG before those others πŸ˜€ Me and my friedns like to play a 8th edition game next weekend and I relally want to use your awesome army list builder ❀


  2. Lee says:

    Hey love the app. Found a points issue with the Inceptor Squad they are 270 not 225. 9 Assault Bolter’s at 15 a piece is 135 and the Squad is 135 as well 45 for 3. Also the C in Chaos is lower case. Sorry to be nit picky! Thanks for all the hard work!


  3. Joseph F says:

    Such alot of great work, much apprecitated, the launch of the 8th will be even better with your nice printed lists at hand ready to go! Please make Ork before next Weekend as Im planning to play Orks for first new games,…. next on my wish list would be Astra M: Thanks for your effort, Kindest Regards Joseph F-


  4. Jacob Mohring says:

    Grey Knights Please! love your work!!


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