Drukhari are fully added

listBuilderUpdateI want to thank Yanko Spasov for adding the wargear for the drukhari.

I want to thank Evgeny Chesnokov for adding a very big part of the units. He handled the data on his own. He was only supposed to fix “power”, “cost” and “stats” for the units but he managed to understand the data model and do almost all of it.

Thanks a lot Evgeny


6 comments on “Drukhari are fully added

  1. Avignon says:

    either i’m missing something or they most certainly are not, missing talos, missing both flyers, missing some other misc stuff like scourges.


  2. Cleutin says:

    Hellions and the Helliarch both seem to have one Attack too much on their profiles 😉


  3. Nothing says:

    If you equip a raider with disintegrator, the picture disappear!


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