Space Marines Chapters added

listBuilderUpdateWe have Black Templars
We have Crimson Fists
We have Flesh Tearers
We have Imperial Fists
We have Legion of the Damned
We have Raven Guard
We have Salamanders
We have White Scars

Most pictures for those are basic ultra marines though. Hey, if you guys want extra pictures for the favorite chapter and have a picture in mind AND have the ability to use Photoshop/Gimp or similar to remove the background – write me an email at

Basically you just need to keep the pictures 200×150 and with transparent background (png).
If you provide them, I will put them in.


12 comments on “Space Marines Chapters added

  1. Rob Chandler says:

    Gabriel seths points are incorrect. You have him in as 107 but he is 135. Thanks for all the work you’re doing on this!


  2. derek says:

    Thank you sir for all the work your putting into this, have a nice day!


  3. Logan says:

    Space Wolves seem to be missing most of their units? apologies if still under construction.


  4. Munkeh says:

    No scout squads in Black Templar troops choices, this may be correct but I didn’t see anything in the rules leaks blocking them from taking scouts.


    • Not sure either. I read it somewhere. Do you want to use Scouts for BT?


      • Munkeh says:

        Looking back at the rules again the BT rules and specific choices (HQs and Crusader squad) are in addition to the base options for a Space marines force so they do seem to be a legal choice.

        I am planning to have them in my force so if you could add them in that would be great.

        Other than that great work, apprecate the effort you are putting in on this one.


      • On the Black Templars page it says “They mentain no Scout Company…” I know it’s the fluff part but… you’ll probably get FAQed. If you’re not going to use them as Initiates better not use them.


      • Munkeh says:

        Fair enough, I’ll just throw them in as Imp Fists or something then.


  5. michael says:

    just some point cost inconsistencies i spotted in the Salamanders file:

    ~cataphractii captain – menu says 131, list says 132
    ~techmarine – menu says 58, list says 75
    ~techmarine on bike – menu says 70, list says 89
    ~rhino primaris – menu says 102, list says 170
    ~tartaros terminator squad – menu says 239, list says 249
    ~servitors – menu says 58, list says 56
    ~assaults squad – menu says 80, list says 65 (though when you upgrade them to have jump packs, they do become 80; but the packs are upgrade options now instead of default wargear)
    ~land speeder storm – menu says 91, list says 95
    ~razorback – menu says 65, list says 82
    ~thunderfire cannon – menu says 100, list says 134
    ~whirlwind – menu says 115, list says 124

    all the power level points seem to be correct though.


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