T’au Empire fully added

listBuilderUpdateSpecial thanks to Andy Walters who went up and beyond helping with yet another faction.

Thanks a lot Andy. You’re an awesome guy.

Haven’t checked it as thoroughly (not that bugs don’t slip through my fingers quite often – thanks to all the reporters) so there will probably be many mistakes. Bugs-bugs-bugs – you report them and I will fix them.

Happy Wargaming,


21 comments on “T’au Empire fully added

  1. Sabrina Stark says:

    Genestealers next?


  2. Ryan says:

    I think pathfinders points cost are off. It has 11 points base instead of 5 points. Works great though! Thank you!


  3. waffls says:

    First of all thank you so, so much for doing this. This site saved me tons of hours working on lists.

    Furthermore the points for Crisis Battlesuits seem off: Crisis costs 42 a piece, for Shasui and Shasvre alike.


  4. Sayle says:

    Hello! I think there’s a small mistake with the stealth suits. The target lock does not come with the unit by default. The shas’vre has the option of taking a markerlight+target lock (for 3+6 points). I believe this is in addition to his normal support system option but I’m not 100% sure. Thanks so much for your work on this!


  5. Inquisition next? Nice easy one 🙂 Awesome work though, thank you.


  6. Savant_vagabond says:

    hey the price for the bodyguards seems to be a bit low they seem to come out as lower than they should be


  7. Dildo Shwaggins says:

    I need Astra Militarum =( =(


  8. Kenn says:

    Thanks a lot, this is such a huge help.

    Any idea for Necrons? I might be able to help depending on format and such.


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