Grey Knights full done

listBuilderUpdateThanks a lot to David Windsor who helped a lot with this Faction.

Thanks a lot David – you’re awesome.

Happy Wargaming,


12 comments on “Grey Knights full done

  1. david W says:

    😀 sorry I wasn’t able to to more! Any ETA on orks?! 😀


  2. nick.s says:

    some errors i have found.

    – dreadknights are missing
    – paladins are 3 wounds not 2

    keep up the great work


  3. wimaro says:

    Hey, just noticed the Dreadknight seems to be missing. Great job on the list building tool, though!


  4. Josh says:

    Is the Dreadknight missing, or am I just not seeing it?


  5. I believe that the higher point cost for the Grey Knight Special Weapons (Incinerator, Psilencer, and Psycannon) applies to all models with the ‘Terminator’ keyword not just the Terminator Squad, but it isn’t entirely clear.


  6. Deloth says:

    Sweet Grey Knight! Spotted one thing, Paladins are listed as 2W when they should be 3W


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