Astra Militarum is fully done

listBuilderUpdateI got so many mails for the Imperial Guard… so I felt I had to rush it and did it these few days. It is not as tough as Space Marines but was such a hard faction to do.

It’s finally added to the List Builder.

When adding a Heavy Weapons team for Veterans, Infantry, etc. you have to remove the final model yourselves. It’s a limitation of the current way the software is built. I could handle it if I work on it a day or two but it’s only for a few squads in the Astra Militarum AND you guys can just remove the final model… So I’m not going to bother.

There are probably lots of errors. Please contact me if you find any.

Only the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Fortifications are left… And Forge World… ;(

Enjoy! 😉 and Happy Wargaming,



3 comments on “Astra Militarum is fully done

  1. Dildo Shwaggins says:

    Great job!! Thank you so much!!


  2. fluffy05 says:

    Thank you!

    You Rock!


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