[pics] Raveners and other Tyranids

modelsHey guys,

Sorry – no word if the List Builder will be returning. Fingers crossed.

I did manage to finish my Raveners this Saturday morning AND managed to play them even against Necrons. Didn’t win. It was a tight game but still getting the hang of the new edition.

I created five Raveners from a box of three with spare parts from a few Tyranid Warriors boxes. The emerging coming from the ground is quite interesting I think. It’s not my best work but I’m trying the technique for the first time. Looks good on the table.


As always…

Happy Wargaming,


7 comments on “[pics] Raveners and other Tyranids

  1. Bacon says:

    Holy shit you’re infringing GW’s rights by posting pictures of their models!


  2. Gayboi says:

    Maybe you should ask for employment with GWs and release the builder under their banner. it didnt give away any codex info that could undermine the Codex’s.


  3. Gayboi says:

    Also, great work. try making the eyes a different colour if u want constrast

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  4. Allio says:

    Very nice!


  5. Wes says:

    Still hoping this list builder comes back. Great, easy to use tool that couldn’t be used as an excuse for not having the codex/index/rules. Other list builders post have that info, yet still exist


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