[pics] Zaonthropes

modelsSeems I am very productive when not supporting web sites in my free time 😀 Miss it though. Still have hope…


3 comments on “[pics] Zaonthropes

  1. ItchiBuh says:

    We miss it too mate. I spend close to 1 hour making an army list, just to make sure you get the points right. Your sight was the best army builder I have seen. I contacted GW as you suggested, in a nice and diplomatic matter, but didn’t get any reply other then auto-reply :o(

    I hope you get permission to bring it back, maybe without photos or slightly changed.

    Best Wishes,

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  2. itsame says:

    comon man! keep your morale up!

    you made something that was awesome! that was the best army building tool out there!

    perhaps you could look about selling it to games workshop?

    with all the talk they done in the past about making one of those tools, you already did the legwork!

    in any case, i really hope to see more work form you.


    • Hey itsame (…Mario???),

      Not really down right now. Still hoping it will come back. Cannot even imagine what you guys are doing though. Points are a major PAIN this edition.

      I am playing and having fun.


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