[pics] City ruins

modelsFixed up some ruins I had, making them a bit more useful and adding a few features details that make them look a bit better.


[pics] Hobby Achievements 2017

modelsOn the 1st of this year I decided to make a small “calendar” of sort with all the models I painted this year. I was surprised just how many models I painted.

The year started with me winning a small tournament in Bulgaria in January 2017. Tournaments here are not very big and are very rare but are always a lot of fun. Maybe I will organize one myself this year. Returning to the TO scene of previous years 😉

There was this minor thing with GW closing down the web site I’ve been working on for quite some time… That was a huge bummer. But 8th edition made my hobby dreams come true so I managed to stay positive.

In the Konor Campaign I played more games in the two months it encompassed than I have ever played in a year. Or at least it seemed so and managed to build and paint a full new army.

Finally – this year I started two armies which are now almost full forces – Primaris Ultramarines (2000pts) and Harlequins(1500pts).


That’s a lot of new models… I am happy.

Some clarifications and thoughts

listBuilderUpdateHello again.

I want to say I am thankful for all the love I got through my email. Thank you guys and gals. It makes me feel that what I had done was really special and appreciated.

I want to point out the email I got from GW was not a Cease and Desist order. It was a polite notice of infringement with which I complied. They didn’t just throw the book at me.

I did brake many infringement rules.

If you send mails (and many of you already have) I would very much like it if they are not negative towards GW but more on the soft “we rally liked that” side. This company has given me personally a lot of joy and I will continue playing. I am actually playing my second 8th edition game in a few hours. I don’t want all of this to become too negative. It’s our hobby and I feel we must protect it even if we don’t like something that’s happening.

Happy Wargaming,


A letter from a Tournament Organizer

listBuilderUpdateI really liked this email so I am sharing it with you guys. I am not disclosing the actual address or name of the person as he requested not to.


It has come to my attention that a web based Warhammer 40k army roster creation project has been contacted by your legal team with a cease and desist order. Link for the website in question: https://webapplications-webroster.rhcloud.com/rc/web/

While many other roster creation pages and programs exist, the one targeted with this order was by far the best and most streamlined. As a Tournament Organizer, having a simple and user friendly tool for my players to use for creating army lists is a huge boon, both for tournament use and casual play.

I can understand the move made from a legal point of view. I know what was classified as IP infringement and that issuing a cease and desist order is a method for stopping the infringement, A move that GW has been well known for using over the years.

But this is not the time nor the target for such things. Seeing as there is no army roster creation program or tool for their 40k line that is officially sanctioned by GW proper, this move smacks of an overbearing legal team in an era of “New Games Workshop” A friendly, community minded company that has turned a new leaf.

Considering the army roster tool allowed players to build their lists on the fly, customize and adjust with ease, thus making their experience with the new 8th edition rule-set that much easier, it’s abrupt removal is seen as a step back. While the creator did start a Patreon for his work and his work was shared via several of the click-bait style wargaming news sites, as well as directly shared/linked on your Warhammer 40k facebook page, such a swift move so soon into the new edition is baffling.

Unless GW proper has a tool that is by all accounts objectively better than the tool that was order to cease operation, this move will damage the positive PR that this new Games Workshop has tried to create. Word had circulated some time ago about such a thing existing, but seeing as nothing official has been said on the matter…

I am forced to recommend a simple solution for this issue. Either making the program endorsed by Games Workshop proper or having changes made so it can continue operation. There are various ways to do this, such as paying the developer a freelance rate for the hours of coding done, perhaps minus the funds he received via Patreon and then re-hosting the program yourselves, or simply asking the creator to cease accepting funds for his creation.

There are a great many options available to resolve this issue in a manner that helps both GW and the great many customers that purchase it’s products. It is baffling from a business standpoint why you would seek to make it harder for your customers to enjoy your products.

Protecting your IP is one thing, but shutting down this tool does more harm than good. It actively damages the end user experience for all those whom used it so they could focus on enjoying GW products. Work with your community, not against it.

I would hope this information is passed up the line.

Website is DOWN

listBuilderUpdateHey guys,

A big pile of bad news now…

I was contacted by GW Legal. They requested that I remove the website and I did. It is their right and I must comply.

I was infringing on their IP with:

  • GW artwork (featured in the background of your website)
  • Photographs of GW’s painted miniatures (taken from the GW web store)
  • Legion logos/ iconography
  • Army points and stats for 40K units
  • The Warhammer 40,000 logo

Seeing all of these I feel lucky they didn’t actually sue me.

I didn’t actually remove the site but, as you can see, it is unusable – I am leaving it for now just for this news so you know what’s going on.

I cannot say I wasn’t expecting this. I really did use a lot of their data. But I have to say I just cannot use the new points without some kind of list builder. And using things like BattleScribe is total bullshit. Those lists are UGLY as hell.

I really hoped when GW contacted me it would be for some sort of collaboration. Not removal 😦

I want to thank all of you for all the gratitude and some of you really helped with the data.

If you think something can be done about this maybe you could all send emails to Games Workshop saying you really want this… There are 12 000 of you each day on here… It may make a difference.

I am so sad… 😦

Happy Wargaming,

Astra Militarum is fully done

listBuilderUpdateI got so many mails for the Imperial Guard… so I felt I had to rush it and did it these few days. It is not as tough as Space Marines but was such a hard faction to do.

It’s finally added to the List Builder.

When adding a Heavy Weapons team for Veterans, Infantry, etc. you have to remove the final model yourselves. It’s a limitation of the current way the software is built. I could handle it if I work on it a day or two but it’s only for a few squads in the Astra Militarum AND you guys can just remove the final model… So I’m not going to bother.

There are probably lots of errors. Please contact me if you find any.

Only the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Fortifications are left… And Forge World… ;(

Enjoy! 😉 and Happy Wargaming,