[pics] Aggressors and Primaris Ancient

modelsJust finished these.

The Aggressors were a very speedy paint as I wanted to paint them for the Elites week of the Fate of Konor campaign. I did it. And they don’t look to shabby if I could say so myself 🙂

Did a lot of work on the Primaris Ancient. Was trying to figure out a name for my new Primaris marines chapter. Went through Roman and Greek mythologies. But was driven back by the inner need to call them “Angels”… So my new Chapter name is “Archangels”. Maybe not too clever but good enough.

Happy Wargaming,


[pics] The Regimental Building

modelsI was inspired to build myself a bigger line of sight blocking terrain for my ruined city table. I really love adding posters and such to my buildings. They give the city life. It’s like telling a story. I also wanted a big billboard that could sit on top of the building or on the ground.

As I was adding posters one by one I was thinking “What should I call this building. It has all of those propaganda posters. Maybe something like “Propagandarium”… No – too obvious. Maybe ‘The Emperor’s News’.” I looked at the building from afar looking at the posters and face-palmed. With all those posters off course it should be called “The Regimental Standard” 😀

Finished it yesterday and already managed to play it twice.


I added some life to a few of my other buildings as well. Here are some of them:


Happy Wargaming,

[pics] Raveners and other Tyranids

modelsHey guys,

Sorry – no word if the List Builder will be returning. Fingers crossed.

I did manage to finish my Raveners this Saturday morning AND managed to play them even against Necrons. Didn’t win. It was a tight game but still getting the hang of the new edition.

I created five Raveners from a box of three with spare parts from a few Tyranid Warriors boxes. The emerging coming from the ground is quite interesting I think. It’s not my best work but I’m trying the technique for the first time. Looks good on the table.


As always…

Happy Wargaming,