Rocky hill

modelsDecided to try another hill and am pretty happy with what came out of it.


Harlequin Shadowseer

modelsJust finished this Shadowseer. I decided to give it a Death Jester base so it looks different from my other one. Looks majestic me thinks 🙂


Planet Strike Battle Report in Pics

articlePlayed Planet Strike yesterday for the first time. 900+ pts of Craftworld Aeldari (Defenders) vs 1200+ pts of Orks (Attackers). The Aeldari had just one fortification. My own version of the Aegis Defense Line with “quad gun”. The Firestorm attacks are ruthless. More defenses are needed for the Defender. The game was a lot of fun.


Craftworld Elemmir Aeldari War Walkers

modelsJust finished a bunch of War Walkers. Three of them were old and looking so bad next to the new one that I just had to repaint them. Which was probably a bad idea for at least two of them as they are one of my first models from 10 years ago and have 3+ layers of paint AND varnish on them. Looking good though… from afar. If I have to repaint them again those two will have to be scrapped and turned into terrain pieces.