[pics] Genestealers and Tabletop Adapters

modelsI decided I am not really a fan of Genestealers holding hands all the time and they do look quite good on 32mm bases. But removing them from their regular bases wasn’t going to be a good idea because of all the glue, etc. So I found this website Tabletop Adapters which provides awesome easy to use adapters to make your 25.4mm bases into 32mm ones.

Here’s the process I used:


[pics] Tyranids Genestealers from Space Hulk

modelsFinally finished a set of genestealers from a Space Hulk I’ve had for for ever. Eight of those still don’t have bases but… soon. I am going to replace all the 25.4mm bases with 32mm bases. Looks better on Genestealers and they don’t “hold hands” as much in game.


[pics] Hobby Achievements 2017

modelsOn the 1st of this year I decided to make a small “calendar” of sort with all the models I painted this year. I was surprised just how many models I painted.

The year started with me winning a small tournament in Bulgaria in January 2017. Tournaments here are not very big and are very rare but are always a lot of fun. Maybe I will organize one myself this year. Returning to the TO scene of previous years 😉

There was this minor thing with GW closing down the web site I’ve been working on for quite some time… That was a huge bummer. But 8th edition made my hobby dreams come true so I managed to stay positive.

In the Konor Campaign I played more games in the two months it encompassed than I have ever played in a year. Or at least it seemed so and managed to build and paint a full new army.

Finally – this year I started two armies which are now almost full forces – Primaris Ultramarines (2000pts) and Harlequins(1500pts).


That’s a lot of new models… I am happy.

[pics] Trygon and two Carnifexes

modelsJust finished “updating” my two Carnifexes with more head options and a bit of fixing up the paint job. The Trygon I finished yesterday. I converted the mouth with some green stuff, a few spikes and the jaws from the Mawloc mouth as I really don’t like the two spikes of the normal Trygon head.





[pics] Tyranid Gargoyles


I just finished these gargoyles. I’ve had them for quite a while but was painting other stuff (Eldar, Harlequins and a whole new Primaris army). I like how the wings came out. I tried a few different schemes but neither looked as fleshy as this one.


[pics] Craftworlds Warlock conversion

modelsI recently bought a Farseer with the intention of converting it to a Warlock. The head and sword are from a Farseer/Warlock Windrider kit and the Shuriken pistol is from a Harlequins Troupe sprue. Quite an easy conversion.



And here is a comparison with an older Warlock I’ve painted a few years ago.IMG_20171126_162822