City Ruins from the Kill Team box

modelsFinished one larger part of the City Ruins of the Kill Team box. I have selected a very tough scheme it seems as it takes me so much time to finish it but it looks great.



Alternative Vindicare Assassin Female

modelsI just finished this alternative Vindicare Assassin female I got a few months ago from Wargame Exclusive. I tried making the suit look shiny. Not sure it worked… Worth the try. I do love how the model turned out though.


Weapons Shop

modelsI finally finished my second shop building. I was waiting for some Genestealer Cult weapons for the final touch. This is the last of my “Shops” series. I was thinking of doing some market stalls so it could be a full market square or something but the new Kill Team building sets just arrived and I will be preoccupied with those. (The new Kill Team is awesome BTW. Try it.)


Clothes Workshop shop

modelsA slight fun poking at our favourite games developer. This is the third shop. Number 2 is almost finished but though it was started before this one it still needs some things that are in the mail to be complete.

Imperial Newsstand [18+ just a bit]


Hear Ye hear ye read all about it !!!

Be warned, there is some 18+ material here. What newsstand can exist without XXX magazines?

The many “posters” I printed recently inspired me to make an Imperial Newsstand, and here I am. Naturally, the posters were not enough, so I printed “images” pages from Google with different versions of “… magazine front page” search. It’s clearly influenced by my recent Fallout 4 gaming.

The Imperial Aquila on the top took me unexpectedly long because I wanted to make it look comparatively proportionate. I’d better have printed it. But hand-drawn seems much nicer.

And of course – finally, you can see who the slutty saleswoman who sells all these “imperial” news is 😉 The inside of the newsstand fits 1″ bases quite nicely, though I doubt it will come into play.

Some parts of the process: (Does any body care about these? Speak up, please.)

Fallout inspired barricades part 2

modelsI did three more pieces of barricades. I think that would be enough. Probably not going to use them side by side (like a fort) but on different places of the tables, but who knows.
The posters are from Fallout 4 mods youtuber “MxR Mods”. I’ve been watching his videos and laughing. I think the posters (and laptop) make the barricades look much more… immersive 😉

I think I am going to do a news stand and some weapons and armour selling stations next.

Fallout inspired barricade

modelsI’ve been putting work on this terrain piece for a long time but finally decided to really finish it off. It was heavily inspired by me playing Fallout 4. I was thinking about making it a Genestealer cult barricade as it suited the Orky like “fast build from scrap” look but decided imperials could also build such fortifications when there is no support and they can only use what’s near them (which should actually be most of the cases).

Not sure if the razor-wire is a good idea terrain pieces that will be used on actual game tables. We’ll see how long it will survive.

Not very proud of the “monitor” in the below section. It looks more like a picture frame… It’s my first such build so I have info for next time.

Finally – ten marines CAN step on it even with their large bases and the steps are even usable by most models with normal bases.