Sancum Imperialis Basilicanum Statues

modelsI finished the Basilicanum Statues today. Put in a lot of work into those but it was worth it in my opinion.
Will finish three new Shining Spears before going back to the rest of the Sancum Imperialis buildings.


Easy Marble Painting Tutorial


modelsI created this marble effect on my statues (not finished yet) and it did look quite nice so when doing it on the plaques in front of them (though in a different color palette) I decided to do a quick tutorial. It would have been grand if I hadn’t forgotten to switch off my painting light for two of them… It is what it is.
This works for many color themes. Black marble would use inverted of the shown colors for example, while a brownish marble would start with a bony white and a palette of browns, finishing with a white.

1. We’re starting with an off-white color for a base. Doesn’t matter if it’s not even. It may actually help to give it an authentic look.


2. Next we scribble some random squiggly thick lines with a darker color (dark-grey)


3. The hardest part is adding some really thin lines with a really dark color (almost black for this theme). The lines have to be on one of the sides of the previous thick lines. Add some additional lines here and there where the thick dark grey is thicker.


4. Next we’re using a lighter grey to create a little bit of gradient but keeping it thin.


5. Next a really light grey to further the gradient. Still keeping it thin. It’s not totally visible because of my painting lamp to the right but I hope the idea is clear.


6. The Final step uses white (the lightest color for your gradient) using it generously on the far side of any of the “boxes”. Don’t try to go too near the lines.


Hope you’ve enjoyed and found this useful.

Anniversary Intercessor Sergeant

modelsI had finished the Anniversary Intercessor Sergeant but then I remembered that my sergeants’ helmets are red… So I redid the helmet and gave him glowing green eyes. Had a bit of trouble with changing the normal bolt-rifle with the auxiliary grenade launcher bolt-rifle but I think it looks good enough now.

Magnetized City Ruins Sanctum

modelsI finished a big magnetized Sanctum. The Door took quite some time and I am not perfectly happy with it but it looks good enough.

The bases are there to add some additional context to the ruin. Not sure whether the plates where the right idea. Will think about it for the next base (I have two more buildings to do).