Fallout inspired barricade

modelsI’ve been putting work on this terrain piece for a long time but finally decided to really finish it off. It was heavily inspired by me playing Fallout 4. I was thinking about making it a Genestealer cult barricade as it suited the Orky like “fast build from scrap” look but decided imperials could also build such fortifications when there is no support and they can only use what’s near them (which should actually be most of the cases).

Not sure if the razor-wire is a good idea terrain pieces that will be used on actual game tables. We’ll see how long it will survive.

Not very proud of the “monitor” in the below section. It looks more like a picture frame… It’s my first such build so I have info for next time.

Finally – ten marines CAN step on it even with their large bases and the steps are even usable by most models with normal bases.


Harlequins Skyweavers

modelsMy Piercing Blossoms masque is getting bigger. This time with new blossom types. I decided to use a cherry tree like branches and blossoms. The contrast looked nice to me.


Aeldari Webway Gate

modelsThe reason I haven’t posted anything new in a while is because I spent 127 hours of my free time playing Fallout 4. Now that that’s over I had time to finish this awesome model.

I had a bit of trouble with the airbrush. Mostly because I have little experience with airbrushing and when I sprayed the blue glowy parts I got a lot of blue “sprinkles” on the bony part. That was a lot of work to fix and I am not sure I fixed it thoroughly but it looks mostly fine now.