[pics] Venerable Dreadnought, Intercessors, Full New Primaris Army

modelsJust finished a Venerable Dreadnought I’ve had for more than a year. I painted it while I was finishing my three squads of Intercessors.

Now my new Primaris army is almost complete. I sold my Dark Angels, keeping just a single Predator.


[pics] Munitorum Armoured Containers

modelsFinished these yesterday. They were my final build for the Konor campaign. Came in on Friday and I speed built/painted them. I am pretty happy with how they came out. Painted my new chapter symbol (Archangels) on them.

Not sure about the rules though. The rules in the box are the old ones for 7th edition.

[pics] Home made 40K Hills

modelsI didn’t have a lot of line of sight blocking terrain for my forest mat (if you don’t count the Eldar ruins but not every game is played on an exodite world) so I decided to build myself some hills.

Tried doing them with foam insulation spray and papier mache. Haven’t really had much practice with papier mache, but they look fine me thinks…


Here are a few of the steps:IMG_20170819_104248IMG_20170819_153141IMG_20170822_195131IMG_20170823_082114IMG_20170823_092202

As always… Happy Wargaming,

Ebay-ing some Dark Angels / Ultra Marines

articleHey guys and gals. I decided I don’t have time for all my space marines so I am letting go of my Ultra Angels. Keeping just the Primaris ones which will get expanded (probably a lot).

Here are the two ebay listings if anybody really likes my stuff. They are not exactly “pro-painted” but a friend told me it’s better to list them like that so they get noticed: