Craftworld Elemmir Seer Council

modelsDid a little touch-up of a Farseer, a Farseer on Skyrunner and a Warlock on Skyrunner and took some pics with my Eldrad and the latest Warlock conversion. I am very proud of my Seer Council 🙂


Alternative Warp Spiders

modelsI painted the three warp spiders (with the male Exarch) a few days ago and took better pictures of the rest I had. Two squads of five.



Planet Strike Battle Report in Pics

articlePlayed Planet Strike yesterday for the first time. 900+ pts of Craftworld Aeldari (Defenders) vs 1200+ pts of Orks (Attackers). The Aeldari had just one fortification. My own version of the Aegis Defense Line with “quad gun”. The Firestorm attacks are ruthless. More defenses are needed for the Defender. The game was a lot of fun.