[pics] City ruins

modelsFixed up some ruins I had, making them a bit more useful and adding a few features details that make them look a bit better.


[pics] Antenoctis Workshop garbage containers

modelsJust finished these Antenoctis Workshop garbage containers. I love the feeling such pieces of terrain bring to the gaming table. Feels like a true city where humans live.


[pics] Wraithlord passing through a Webway gate

modelsOne of the new Wraithlord’s legs had swollen up. I had already built it and started painting it when I noticed. GW sent me a replacement (customer service is great – if something’s wrong with your purchase you can be sure they will replace it) but I couldn’t wait to put it on the table so I painted it. Now that the replacement had arrived I could replace the leg… OR… come up with a creative way to mask the swelling.

This is my take on a Wraithlord passing through a Webway gate.


[pics] Genestealers and Tabletop Adapters

modelsI decided I am not really a fan of Genestealers holding hands all the time and they do look quite good on 32mm bases. But removing them from their regular bases wasn’t going to be a good idea because of all the glue, etc. So I found this website Tabletop Adapters¬†which provides awesome easy to use adapters to make your 25.4mm bases into 32mm ones.

Here’s the process I used: